Launching a Go-To-Market Strategy for a high AOV e-Commerce

o2cure cover is the retail brand of Zeco Aircon which is an established player in the commercial air purifier’s segment and wanted help with their Go-To-Market strategy.

While there are other players like Dyson and Kent which were established players in the consumer segment, we decided to test different funnels and take the paid route.

While strategizing a D2C go-to-market for an air purifier that has an average order value of 30K - 40K INR, we need a marketing oriented demand generation engine clubbed with sales enablement which would provide much needed human touch.

Ideal Customer Profile

Upon digging further into customer reviews of other air purifiers and a bunch of research online we figured out that there are 5 main reasons a person would want an air purifier.

Either they are
Suffering from a respiratory disease like asthma
Looking for covid neutralizers
Have a pregnant woman, newborn, adults at home
Suffering from allergies
Worried about bad odor

Prospects in this segment had the following concerns;
They were not sure which technology to choose for their use case as these were mostly first time buyers
They were willing to spend more for an air purifier provided that can neutralize coronavirus

The ideal customer was well off, and in the age group of 30-40, predominantly males in tier 1 cities.

After talking to a bunch of existing customers, we found that they recently started buying air purifiers because they were worried after the second wave (in December 2021) and wanted to keep their families safe. O2Cure’s PHI technology, which neutralizes coronavirus in the indoor air, was the key reason people purchased our air purifiers (at least back then).

The rumors for a third wave were strong and loud so we thought of targeting people having adults and kids at home with a free air consultation on how air purification technology can neutralize coronavirus.

The idea for the free consultation came because this industry has too many jargons defining the kind of technology the air purifier uses and most consumers have to do a good amount of research to first understand the kind of technology that would fit their need. Eg; While UV based solutions might be good at killing viruses, it is not suggested to those having infants at home.

Thus we established our free air quality consultation as the lead magnet targeting people in the above mentioned affinities.

This laid the foundation for our landing pages that were answering these problems around which technology to use for each use case and thus generating leads from it.

Creating Landing Pages

Structure of the page:
Talk about the problem eg; AQI and show the importance of free consultation
Introduce the PHI technology to define how we are different
Talk about why air purifiers can help with the problem: eg; in the case of high AQI, it removes upto PM 2.5
Testimonials about the consultations
Banner to reemphasize the offer for free consultation

These pages were thus launched


Every page had a dedicated section about our patented PHI technology that can help kill viruses in the air.

To drive people to these pages we were initially using google search to get the most relevant audience to the page to test the funnels.

The campaign was mostly on exact matches for high intent long tail keywords like Buy air purifier online for home.

Since we initially kept a lot of questions to understand the customer profile eg; Does anyone in your family have any respiratory diseases like asthma? Do you have kids at home? Etc, the CPL here was touching nearly 2K INR.

We thereafter did some optimisations including;
> Shifting the form from a typeform which fires on clicking the free consultation button, we used a contact form on the page directly.
> Adding some css animations to “Get free consultation” to attract attention to the form.
> Optimized landing page headlines by testing these on ads first.
> Removed unnecessary items from header and removed the footer altogether.

consultation form o2cure

All these experiments increased our visitor to lead ratio from <5% to >12% and decreased CPL by over 30%.

Now for the final iteration, we started taking the IP of the user and got the live AQI to emphasize the severity of the high AQI especially for states with higher air pollution. Notice the red/yellow banner on the top. The banner color changes with the severity of the AQI index in your area.

current AQI mobilecurrent AQI desktop

We also tried to create a dynamic headline for the page to take in the user query from Google Adwords and replace that with the headline. This of course is used only for the exact match keyword type to keep it super relevant but we didn’t notice any significant improvements in the lead generation form completions from it.

Once the person fills the form, he is redirected to a page with a discount of ( upto 20% off on the best selling air purifiers if they buy it within 15 days of submitting the lead.

header home o2cure

Experimenting with ads

On Facebook, we experimented with a campaign to run ads to promote a news publication from NDTV to land the user onto our page to finally redirect them to the PR article. Now this helps to establish a third party website as the source of first interaction from the brand. Additionally since we sent the user to our page first (with a 301 redirect), we manage to cookie that person to be able to retarget him/her through retargeting efforts. This worked at par with some of our best performing campaigns.

Once we were finished with some of the major optimisations with respect to time to run the ads, remarketing, retargeting, building custom affinity audience, look-alike, video playback audience etc on Google and Facebook, we were able to achieve an average CPL of 600-800 INR.

Going organic
We did some digging on the organic search and quickly realized that for most of the keywords we wanted to rank for, currently there were listings from aggregators like amazon, flipkart and snapdeal or listicles from review sites and news publications.

We soon reached out to these publications to get a cover story and get added as part of these listicles that were ranking already.

We additionally created pages for queries like Air purifiers for gym, Air purifiers for home and backlinking them from authoritative websites.
Marketing automation
Now that the CPLs were under control, the final leg in the buyer’s journey post the “free consultation” was still dependent on the sales people.

Thus we decided to use marketing automation and a CRM system to nurture these leads. We started with hubspot but eventually realized that it was getting costlier as and when we started to expand and use some of the advanced features.

We then ended up switching to LeadSquared owing to its cost savings and a few integrations that it offers including whatsapp integration. The chatbot on the website was a free version from to collect leads of people who wanted to engage with a sales representative.

Remember, we were earlier having a typeform to collect a lot of information from the user as part of lead enrichment but since that was affecting the lead completions, we decided to collect that information in the CRM to trigger custom email drips to nurture these leads.

While still a majority of purchases on the website are assisted by the sales team. We have managed to bring down the average touchpoints to convert a lead to purchase from an average of 15 days to an average of 7 days with an average number of touchpoints dropping from 7 to 3 through these automations across email, SMS and whatsapp.

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