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With more than 6 years of Product and Marketing experience, I have a proven passion for developing innovative product-led growth strategies and viral marketing campaigns. is a marketing consultancy that provides marketing and product consultation to startups struggling to grow and scale.

Tailored services to take you where you can be.

Get control: Track your entire marketing team efforts without spending more than 5 mins a day with custom build reports.

Expert Advice: Get an expert perspective on your Marketing Strategy to avoid costly mistakes and scale faster.

Comprehensive Audit: Get a comprehensive marketing audit with documented solutions for identified issues.

Upskill team: Companies that don't invest in upskilling employees, can't retain the ones that want to grow.
Get an expert to work with the team to set up processes and share resources to follow the best practices.

Flexible Commitment:
You can end a contract with no strings attached if you don’t like the service.

Get more granular insights and understanding of the core metrics behind all your marketing channels to double down on your profitable channels and fix issues with those struggling to grow.

Identify content gaps, keyword cannibalisation and leverage out of the box strategies to boost your organic results. Also, get a well-planned content calendar to publish relevant content and identify oppotunities using competitor's content audit.

Get expert advice on your acquisition, retargeting and remarketing strategies mapped with your customer jouney. Also get assistance in account setup and lead magnet strategy to nurture and convert prospects.

Understand your consumer's motivation better with website surveys and feedbacks. Get expert consultation to improve your sales funnel, website speed and performance to maximise your conversion rates.
Build a culture of experiments with statistically significant AB test protocols and automated reports. Improve your conversion rates and fix leakages in the funnel to make the maximum out of your marketing efforts.

Silverminegroup is a US-based conglomerate having 2 products i.e. for HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) filings and for freelancer onboarding, management, and tax compliance.

Roles and Responsibilities

eform2290: Launched in 2011, eform2290 is one of the biggest IRS authorized Form 2290/HVUT service providers in the United States.

Achieved a Y-o-Y filing growth of 21% with a 25% improvement in Gross Revenue

Strategized separate growth funnels for cold, warm, and hot traffic combined with channel optimizations to boost new user acquisition by 18% Y-o-Y

Implemented Machine Learning frameworks and models for better retargeting, churn prediction, budgeting, time series forecasts, and optimum channel mix. 

Spearheaded eform2290 integration with 25+ major truck dealerships across the US to generate 100K+ SQLs

Decreased the Cost Of Acquisition on paid by 25% with optimizations including RFM segmentation, new v/s existing campaigns, custom ad extensions, advance rules, bid adjustments and ads-script

Adopted foundationally strong on-page SEO practices with a custom-built CMS to drive organic traffic using the Skyscraper technique for content marketing, EMDs and Competitor pages, bridging content gaps and maintaining web vitals Launched in early 2021, FreelanceCentral is Freelancer Management System built for Small and Medium enterprises to allow businesses to onboard freelancers, manage their work, and comply with tax regulations (1099-NEC) in the United States

Spearheaded market research, and product marketing strategy for the beta launch of Freelance Central

Strategised the product roadmap and strategy to develop other complementary features as part of the offering.

Vasitum, (a product of Maven Workforce Pvt. Ltd) is a holistic recruitment
solution used by companies like Housing, Prolitus, TCS, Bureau Veritas &

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Marketing Planning and Budgeting- hired and led a marketing team of 10+ members across SEO, Paid Marketing, Design, Social Media, Brand Communication, and Content departments
  2. Achieved 15% MOM growth in job seeker user base with a 20% lower CAC than industry standards and 5K MAU (recruiters) on the portal including key accounts

Implemented product growth hack experiments including referral programs, free courses, unlocking jobs upon social sharing, chrome extension for sourcing, and limited trial of premium features to boost top of the funnel conversions

Independently built the product and marketing analytics dashboard from scratch utilising Supermetrics, Stichdata, BigQuery, and GDS

Built the brand story, identity, narrative, tone and style

Spearheaded brand campaigns like Look for Career, Corporate Helpline Number, Office Romance, and Dragging Yourself to Naukri, covered by popular marketing publications like Marketing Minds, Afaqs, Game Of Brands, & OfficialSocialSamosa resulting in 100K+ aggregated engagement across Instagram, Facebook & LInkedIn

>Worked closely with UX-UI, Product and the Tech team to define and drive the product strategy roadmap. Successfully launched for Free and Premium versions, Vasi-AI chatbot, restructured ATS, & admin dashboard

Founded a neuromarketing enabled marketing, design and a development agency with Ex-Head of Marketing, Amarujala and Ex-Head of Digital Marketing, Flaberry

Roles and Responsibilities

Key clients:
StayUncle:  Strategized and developed StayUncle’s website and react native app, reporting dashboard, and StayUncle’s proprietary Hotel Management System.

Increased DA from 20 to 41 in over 5 months with off-page backlinking and PR strategy. 

Introduced refer & earn and strategic discounting schemes thus decreasing net CAC by ~10% 

Launched StayLaid, a social awareness campaign on sex trafficking which trended pan-India on Twitter. 

The campaign received worldwide accreditation and news coverage (incl.Thomson Reuters), generating 350K+organic traffic

ColorMate: Handled nationwide digital brand marketing campaigns for ColorMate hair color featuring Rishi Kapoor under the brand, “India Henna”

Aimil Pharmaceuticals: Managed SEO, Paid Media, and affiliates for one of India’s Largest Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer. Achieved 10X growth in Gross Revenue over 6 months with an ROAS of over 2.

Other Clientele: Kickstart Jobs, LetReach, Cuemath, Planet Superheroes, Miss World India Pageant and Zuari Rain Forest (A project by Birla Group)

Spinny is a pre-owned car portal headquartered in Gurgaon, owning exclusive pre-owned car showrooms across Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad.

Roles and Responsibilities

Part of the core team to lead the Bangalore and Gurgaon expansion plans and repositioning efforts including the introduction of Spinny Assured and the transition from C2B2C to a B2C model

Managed radio ads, affiliates, and digital campaigns across all major paid channels utilizing a digital ad spend of ~2 Cr per annum

Implemented marketing automation strategies and funnel analytics from test drive to final car purchase thus optimizing conversion rate to decrease net CAC by over 15%

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My Core Skills


Digital Marketing is data driven and organisations now produce data like never before. Using datapipelines, I build automated data workflows so that we can focus on analysing data rather than creating reports.

Machine Learning
in Marketing

Using Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning algorithms can solve common marketing problems like customer segmentation (classification) and predicting sales (regression).

Conversion Rate

Surgical Conversion Rate Optimisation can save millions of dollars in marketing. Equipped with all the technical and statistical know-how, I help companies take the fastest route to statistically significant optimisations.

Working with startups, I have faced the problem of budget restricted growth, innumerous times. Thus the idea of Growth Hacking was born. Over the years I have helped companies scale with shere creativity and almost no marketing spend.

Growth Hacking

Over the years I have managed accounts with over $2M of annual marketing spend to generate the right ROAS at scale. With custom built utilities on top of PPC accounts, I bring in optimisations that have saved many companies.

Pay per click Advertising

Organic traffic is earned traffic and if you think spending money is the only way to grow, I can definitely change that. Over the years I have helped companies with almost no organic traffic, get a DA of 60 in just over 18 months.

Search Engine Optimisation

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HansRaj college is part of the Delhi University’s North Campus and is one of India’s renowned colleges for econmics

Bachelors of Arts, Economics (79.3% Agg.)

As part of my bachelors in economics, I have completed my curriculum in Mathematical Methods for Economics, Statistical Methods for Economics, Introductory Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Indian Economic Development, Development Theory & Experience, International Economics, Money & Financial Market, Financial Economics, Linear Algebra & Calculus

Being a student in economics, customer heuristics has always been my interest and thus I decided to pursue my career in marketing.

I have completed my high school from Ramjas International School in the field of commerce.

Class XII (96.25% agg)

I know what it feels like when your friends mock you for getting top grades at school. Though I had no real friends but books, studying for my high school exams taught me that perseverance can take you to places that you deserve.

Ranked 1st position in Economics, and Business Studies pan India.

Economics, mathematics, business studies, accountancy, and english as my major subjects back in my school. I immensely enjoyed studying economics and thus I decided to pursue honours in bachelor of ecnomics..


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